Cara Brown Designs: One of A Kind Statement Necklaces

When I first opened my Instagram account (7 years ago!), I had no idea what the platform really was. I basically started an account so that I could use the filters on my photos. I didn’t even realize that it was a social media platform to share with others. Fast forward to seven years later: I never use the IG filters and have made a ton of social connections through the platform. My latest Instagram friendship is with jewelry designer Cara Brown of Cara Brown Designs. I stumbled across her account a few months ago and instantly fell in love with her pieces. A few likes and messages later, we decided to grab a coffee together.

We had such a nice time chatting and getting to know one another beyond Instagram. And as it turns out, we have a lot in common. Not only do we have a similar taste in style, but we are both one of three sisters and Cara is originally from Texas (like Scotty!). I also got to learn a bit more about her business and inspiration behind her beautiful necklaces.

Here are a few snippets from our coffee date:

Where does your creative inspiration come from?

Cara Brown: I developed a love for beautiful, old things and the history that goes with them from my parents. My mother is an interior designer and has been in the business for about 40 years, so I grew up around beautiful antiques and gorgeous fabrics. When I was younger my mom and dad would hunt for antiques for her clients, and my dad always loved the story behind each piece purchased. Because of that, I handwrite my tags and give each person their own story, so that they know the depth of the necklace they purchase.

How did you land on making necklaces?

Cara Brown: I have some really nice pieces of jewelry that my husband has given me though the years, and I never take them off. The one thing that I always change out are my necklaces. One day I was cleaning out my box of old jewelry when an idea sparked. I thought maybe I could make necklaces and incorporate some of the ideas I learned from my parents: antiques repurposed, giving people a story, making something old into something hip and fun. I made a few for myself and people started buying them off my neck, in the nail salon, on airplanes, soon enough Cara Brown Designs was born. I have so many friends in the last year who have given their time and creativity to cheer me on. I could not have done any of it without them.

What sort of antiques you use to make the necklaces?

Cara Brown: I make two different types of necklaces. Ones adorned with Found Objects and ones with Horse Brass. Each Found Object is just  that, an object I’ve found, kind of “I know it when I see it. ” Anything from belt buckles to old brooches, or old pendants from all of the eras. The Horse Brass pieces are made with original horse brasses, once used to decorate horses in England in the late 1800s. These pieces are really special because you can just feel the history in each horse brass, you can see the wear and tear. I love the concept of a piece that is 150 years old looking fun and modern.

What type of woman do you have in mind when you’re designing your pieces?

Cara Brown: My client is a woman who enjoys a layered look with her clothing and jewelry. She likes to make an understated statement.

How do you want women to feel when they wear your necklaces?

Cara Brown: I want women to feel special wearing these pieces. They are statement pieces, and each one is completely unique. I want my client to feel like they’re wearing a one of a kind piece made specially for them, with a historical value yet still on trend.

Any absolute favorite piece from your collection? 

Cara Brown: I have 2 that are my favorites. I was born in 1971, and I remember my mom hating the clothing of the 70’s. But my favorite pieces are actually from that time period: a large fish pendant and large owl pendant that I fell in love with at a flea market. When I made those necklaces, I knew I could never let them go!

I got my Horse Brass necklace from Cara Brown a few weeks ago, and I have been pairing it with as many outfits as I can. I’m in love! It instantly elevates any look and seriously makes a statement. I’m flooded with compliments anytime I wear it. Plus, after having spoken to Cara about the methodology behind her necklaces, it feels significant to wear a bit of history around my neck. I know it’s a piece of jewelry I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Cara’s pieces can be found at Saks and Barneys, among other boutiques. They can also be purchased directly at Cara Brown Designs, just in time for Mother’s Day. My sisters and I have our eyes on this one for our mom.

I hope you all have a very happy Thursday! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Cara Brown’s necklaces. They’re such special pieces, I’m happy to go on about them.

Thank you for reading!

xo Cristina


Thank you Cara Brown Designs for partnering on this post!

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