Denim on Denim

denim on denimdenim on denim denim on denimdenim on denim

Happy Wednesday!

How do you feel about a Canadian Tuxedo? I actually really like the way denim on denim looks, when worn the right way: think Olivia Palermo, not Justin & Britney.

Even if you’re not a fan of the double denim, I do think a good jean jacket is an essential for this time of year. I especially love this jacket. It’s the right weight, not too stiff (so you can roll up the sleeves, button it up, or pop the collar), and the perfect length.

During the spring/summer I usually reach for my denim jacket when heading out the door. No matter what the outfit, it’s such an easy completer piece in the warmer months. Over a dress, soft pants, a short skirt or even jean shorts. Ah, I can’t wait for summer!

Thank you for stopping by, we’re halfway through the week – woo!

xo Cristina

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