Engagement Story


I’m just going to dive right in because it’s a rather hysterical story that I think you will get a good chuckle out of. It was also one of our happiest days, ever!


Early this summer Scott planned a trip to Paris for “my birthday.” A lot of friends had speculated that he was going to propose there. Truthfully, I didn’t think he would. We’d never been to Paris together before, so to me it didn’t really make sense for him to pick it as an engagement place. But the thought had been put in my head, so the idea of him proposing before we went to Paris had never even crossed my mind.

All that being said, his plan all along was to propose somewhere meaningful in New York the weekend before our trip. Then we’d go to Paris to celebrate the engagement. I, of course, knew nothing of this. So that weekend I made all kinds of plans with friends. Friday night I went out with girlfriends for dinner after work. I dedicated Saturday to prepare my closet for the fall, since I knew I’d need warmer clothes for Paris. Saturday night I actually made dinner plans with some close friends to celebrate their engagement. And on Sunday I set a double date brunch, followed by plans to shoot a few outfits for the blog.

Poor Scott had no idea how to tell me to cancel the many plans without ruining the surprise, so he insisted we plan for a fall picnic in the park after taking blog photos. (Quick side note, we have a tradition of having a picnic in the park every fall, so this didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me.)

We shot the first outfit on the upper east side, and swung by Citarella on the way back to buy picnic treats. We also happened to pass by the bar where our first date was, and Scott insisted we go in for a drink. “For nostalgia,” as he would say. We stood in there for about 20 minutes and shared a beer. This should have been a dead giveaway, but again didn’t even cross my mind. Honestly, I thought he just wanted to go in and check a football score, ha. The funny part is that it wasn’t until hours after he proposed that I put two and two together, “Ohhhhhh, is that why we stopped at the bar before the picnic?!” Yes!

Anyway, after the bar we gathered all our picnic snacks, and I changed into my outfit for the next shoot. We went into the park to take pictures. Somewhere inside a shopping bag of cheese, crackers and lemonade, Scott had hidden the engagement ring. After taking blog photos, we roamed the park looking for a quite place to set up our picnic. Meanwhile, I had also changed out of my cute red turtleneck into Scott’s oversized hoodie to be comfy/cozy (in retrospect, I wish I had kept that red sweater on – ha!).

We settled into a relatively private area of the park and set up our picnic feast. Halfway through our picnic, the light was starting to get pretty, so I asked Scott to take a photo of me for Instagram. I moved away from our picnic blanket and sat right on the grass for the photo. HUGE MISTAKE. Because when I went to get up from the grass, I accidentally put my hand (the left one I might add) on dog poop! AH-CRINGE-EW-GROSS!

It was awful! I cleaned it with napkins and we went to a fountain to wash it, but I couldn’t shake the experience. So we cut the picnic short to go straight home so I could wash my hand, and frankly, I wanted a shower after that. Scott tried to convince me that it wasn’t that bad, but he could tell that I was upset, so we packed up the picnic and headed home. I held my hand away from my body the whole walk and wouldn’t let Scott get near it. I’m still laughing as I type this out, it’s just too comical.

As we were exiting the park, I suggested we go to my parents apartment instead, because it’s a little closer. I was desperate to wash my hand! Plus I could water their tree while I was there. When we got to their place I went straight to the kitchen to wash my hand. I must have scrubbed it for at least five minutes. I didn’t notice, but while I was scrubbing, Scott was lifting all the window shades of my parents apartment, which happens to have a wonderful view of the park. I watered the tree and yelled out to Scott that I was ready to go, but he insisted I go to the window to see how the leaves were changing in the park. Mind you, the trees were still completely green. But Scott had to improvise since his picnic plan didn’t work out. So it was there, right in front of a big window, overlooking the park, in my parents apartment, that Scotty proposed. It was such a blur and I was in complete shock, but it was really one of the happiest and most personal moments of both of our lives. We laughed and cried and hugged a lot, completely wide eyed and giddy. Scott got a tip from my brother-in-law to take selfies during the whole thing, knowing that the moms would love pictures, so we got a few cute shots of the moments right after he asked.

Afterward, we went back to my apartment, I took a shower, changed into a nicer sweater, and we had Champagne on the roof. Then we FaceTimed our families, who were all insanely happy which only got us more excited! We were probably on FaceTime for about 3 hours. Around 9:30pm we went to Nobu for dinner and then came back home to eat ice cream and watch When Harry Met Sally on the couch. For us, it was a perfect night. A few days later we flew to Paris to celebrate, which couldn’t have been more special!


Next week I’ll get back to posting Heart Story chapters, but thought I’d share this little life story while it was still fresh.

Happy almost weekend!

xo Cristina

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