New York Dining: The Lobster Club + A Funny Story

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One of my favorite restaurants in the city lately (Scott’s too) is The Lobster Club, a Japanese style brasserie in midtown. It’s the third part of Major Food Group’s takeover of the restaurants in the Seagram Building. The other two being The Grill and The Pool (I’ll do a post on that one soon).

love sushi, so the food at The Lobster Club is right up my alley. The Tuna & Chiles, Sea Bass & Crispy Sprouts (pictured above), Wok Lobster, and Vietnamese Snapper are my menu musts! Plus the service and overall vibe in the restaurant is just delightful, so having dinner there is always a treat.

But stepping away from the food and service, one of the main reasons I’m such a fan of The Lobster Club is its interior! The front bar and lounge area is perfectly designed by Peter Marino, all pink and green and happy.

Peter Marino is one of the most famous architects and designers of high fashion retail stores. Louis Vuitton in Paris, Dior in London, the list goes on and on and on. So you know anything he works on is going to be beautiful.

Rewind to a few months ago, before The Lobster Club opened. Scott and I are at an uptown, upscale sushi restaurant for date night. I was sitting on the banquette, facing out into the restaurant. I had been wearing this hat, so I took it off and placed it right next to me (on the banquette).

Scott and I had just finished paying for our dinner when a burly man in a full leather outfit walks in. And when I say full, I mean full head-to-toe leather. Biker boots, leather pants, leather vest (no shirt, in the dead of winter I might add), leather jacket, leather driving gloves, and a leather hat – that looked almost exactly like mine.

The minute I saw this man, I felt bad for him. I mean, this is New York, so an outfit like that would be totally normal downtown or even walking down the street. But in a tiny, quiet sushi restaurant where all the men were wearing suits and ties, this guy stood out. And everybody was staring at him.

I’ve always had a serious soft spot for anybody that seems like an outsider. I hate the idea of somebody feeling lonely, uncomfortable, picked on or left out. So I instantly wanted to make this man feel good about his outfit choice. I wanted him to ignore the people gawking at him, and help him feel comfortable so he could enjoy his dinner.

The hostess ended up seating him right next to me on the banquette. He took his hat off and placed it on the banquette, right next to mine. I seized my opportunity! As Scott and I were getting up from our table, I reached for my hat and looked up at the man, “Omg! We have the same hat!” I squealed with a big smile. “I love your leather one!”

He looked at me with a gentle sort of half smile, but didn’t say a word. The guy he was having dinner with stared at me like I had eight heads. Now I was the one feeling uncomfortable. “Ok,” I smiled again. “Enjoy your dinner. Bye!”

Fast forward to opening week at The Lobster Club. I’m having dinner there with my family, obsessing over the design of the space. Instagraming everything. I go to tag Peter Marino in my stories, and when I find his IG account I have the biggest a-ha moment.

Google Peter Marino. OMG. I’m an idiot. I start looking around the restaurant and realize, the bartenders are wearing the same outfit, there are huge life size pictures of Peter Marino in his outfit hanging on the walls. I tried to help Peter Marino feel more comfortable in his signature outfit that he’s been wearing for ages. FACEPALM.

Well, we all had a good laugh over the table as I was putting this all together. And in retrospect, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t know it was him. Instead of being totally starstruck and awkward when he sat next to me, I was sweet and genuine. Even though he probably thought I was ridiculous, ha!

Anyway, I know this was a long post, but hope it made you laugh. Happy weekend, guys! As always, thank you for reading!!

xo Cristina


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