Soft Floral Maxi Dresses

“Florals, for Spring. Groundbreaking.” But really, I can’t fill my closet with enough soft floral maxi dresses right now – I’m obsessed. And there are so many beautiful ones out there.

This particular dress came from H&M (!!), and they actually have so many others that are equally as pretty. I wore this one a few weekends ago in East Hampton, and it was the perfect “minimal effort” outfit. What could be easier for a warm spring/summer night?

Here are a bunch of other’s that I’m currently eyeing…

I hope you all have the best weekend. Make sure to take some extra time to sit outside, read a book, laugh with friends and just relax. It seems obvious, but so often we end up going, going, going all weekend that we forget that the whole point is to take a 2-day break from the usual rush. Enjoy your time off.

Happy Friday, friends!

xo Cristina

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